Long/Short-Term Storage

of electronics at multiple warehouses around the country.
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Change occurs at a rapid pace in America. This requires managers to be flexible in how they deploy office copiers, printers, servers, and more. Storage is an important component of that flexibility and Schock Logistics is here to help.

Schock Logistics maintains over ten storage warehouse locations across America. Each facility is well maintained, clean, and protected by overlapping security systems. Staff are trained to receive equipment, palletize it, stretch wrap it, and store it safely on racking systems. Additional services such as serial number checks, wipe downs, and testing of the basic functions of equipment can be performed at the client's request. Monthly inventory and billing are utilized to keep storage details accurate.

We maintain storage locations in NJ, GA, MO, OH, IL, TX, AZ, CA, and WA.

Sleep well knowing your equipment is tucked away and safe with Schock Logistics.