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Our On-Site Deinstallation provides your company with two services:

  1. We verify and document the condition of your equipment prior to shipping.
  2. We prepare and pack your equipment per manufacturer specifications.

Copiers/equipment weighing less than 100 pounds:

We suggest shipping without a deinstallation.

Copiers/equipment weighing less than 300 pounds:

We suggest our mini deinstallation service.  This service allows you to have our driver detach accessories, perform an inspection of the cosmetic condition of the equipment, and note any pre-existing damage.

Copiers/equipment weighing over 300 pounds, color copiers, large format printers, and medical devices:

We suggest our certified technician deinstallation and report.  With this service, a technician will visit your facility prior to shipping and perform the following services on office equipment:

    • Verify serial number.
    • Check copier to determine that it is functioning properly.
    • Inspect for mechanical or cosmetic damage.
    • Separate stand-alone accessories from copier mainframe:  
      (Finishers, Sorters, Large Capacity Trays, and Print  Controllers or Fierys).
    • Remove toner/ink cartridges (when necessary).
    • Lock down scanning mechanism (color copiers).
    • Remove fuser oil and drain (some color copiers).
    • De-program security, password, and user codes.
    • Assemble all cables, manuals, and maintenance records for shipping.
    • Complete a full inspection report with copy for client.

Our technicians perform similar tests, verification, and reports for medical equipment. Medical equipment is also flushed of fluids, decontaminated, and packed per manufacturer specifications.