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About Schock Logistics, Inc.

Schock Logistics is on the cutting edge of change in America.  We help corporations deinstall, data secure, and ship high-value electronics throughout the country.  Our particular focus is office and medical equipment.

Founded in 1992, Schock Logistics has nearly two decades of experience with the following:

  1. Onsite Deinstallation and packing of your equipment with condition reports.
  2. Onsite Data Security wipe of your sensitive hard drives, network cards, and fax boards.
  3. Air-ride Shipping of your valuable electronics throughout the United States.
  4. Follow up services such as:  satellite tracking, freight reports, inventory storage, revenue sharing, and more.

Started in the garage of Silicon Valley expatriate, Spencer Schock, the company and has grown 15-fold over the years.  We now serve hundreds of copier dealers nationwide, national banks, national leasing organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and thousands of small businesses each year.  The company is committed to utilizing the latest technology and innovative ideas to service your account.

Most freight carriers in our industry are limited by their fleet size and schedule; this puts your shipment at risk.  Schock Logistics, by contrast, partners with twenty proven carriers to create unmatched coverage and flexibility nationwide.  We have thousands of trucks ready to service your account.

The company is rigorous and uncompromising in its choice of employees and carriers.  Each is monitored daily for integrity, professionalism, and productivity.  The result is great service, fast transit times, and competitive pricing.

Our mission is to improve your record as a freight manager.  For us, that is what is fun and inspiring!

Let’s get started.  Call Schock Logistics today.

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